A Dose of New Beginnings.

Ideally, I’d want my first post to feature extremely profound and revolutionary advice that’d get me a billion dollars, but what I have is this:

The key to getting anything done is by starting.

Dassit. No batteries or tools required.

Just start.

Starting is the most important part of any process because without it, nothing will happen or change.

Want a better job? Start applying. Want to be healthier? Start exercising and eating better. Want to be a photographer? Start taking pictures.

Like you, there are a lot of things that I want start (and eventually finish/perfect) doing.

This blog is simply one of them.

My name is Diamond and I’m a nursing student living in South Florida. When I’m not studying nursing, I’m always soaking in creative inspiration from everywhere. From music to digital art, photography, and every type of design, I look for people, places, and things that stimulate my own creativity and make me want to be a better, more creative person.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to learn and create as much as possible. I’m also still getting used to adulting and all of the fun that it brings, so don’t be surprised to see posts about growing pains, failed apartment DIY projects, or posts about traveling, good hair days, school, and my life in general.

A Dose of Diamond will feature all of that.

Even though I didn’t really say anything revolutionary or mind blowing, I hope it was inspirational enough for you to start your thing, whatever that may be.

If it did, just know that I’m glad to have you starting with me.

And if it didn’t, do better 🙂


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